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        Titanium Diboride

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        Formula: TiB2, CAS No.: 12045-63-5. TiB2 is a dark grey to black powder with hexagonal crystal structure. It is odorless and its comprehensive property is excellent. It shows perfect heat proof ability, oxidation resistance and conductivity. Typical density is 4.50-4.52, melting point at 2,980℃, and Vickers hardness is 34 GPa. The flexural strength of hot pressed TiB2 material is 131×106 Pa and it shows good oxidation-resistance even at 1,100℃.

        Purity Oxygen Carbon Moisture Avg. Particle Size (D50)
        98.5% min 0.8% max 0.5% max 0.2% max 5 ~ 10 µm

          ★ Production of hot pressed ceramics with excellent electrical conductivity, such as Evaporation Boat
          ★ Cathode coating material in industrial Aluminum electrolytic cells
          ★ Production of hot pressed TiB2 armor plates
          ★ Production of TiB2 based metal ceramic composites
          ★ Atmospheric plasma spraying composite powder
          ★ Antifriction material
          ★ Cutting tools
          ★ Production of ceramic targets
        25 kg per fiber drum or 1 kg per Al-plastic bag (vacuum) and 25 kg per iron drum.